G-String is back at YoyoExpert!

After a long hiatus, the original boutique string brand is back! G-String is pleased to present their SOLO string format in vibrant ‘Highlights’.

Highlights are a blend of white with a neon strand (or two). The neon tone seems to visually bond with the white, allowing it to shine throughout the entire string length. SOLO is a string format designed to bind well, due to its strong core of tightly wound polyester, while also not snagging when you toss multiple layers into the gap. The outer layers are softer to help with binds but also reduce string burn. They are not prone to excessive fraying.

A delightfully balanced mix of 3 different thread weights; SOLO is your ‘everyday’ string format. Toss one of these on your daily carry or your ding-free favorite treasure and you won’t be disappointed. The string comes extra long to allow you to choose your own length for your preferred style of play.


Only like 3 packs sold before I bought some just now.

This guy is a legend I expected like over 50 packs to have sold by now


Good luck with the re-launch of Gstrings @gsimian. Things might start slow at first but I hope it ramps up throughout the year :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile: