yoyoGstring is now at YYX! - Design and format details inside!


Hello and welcome to the “Design and Details” post.
This post is in regards to the yoyoGstring currently stocked at YYX.
(October 19, 2012)


Andre has them listed by the colours they entail but does not have them labelled by name. The reason is obvious. Most people will not know which design “Mirage” or Higbee" is, so he chose the visual route.

However, I quite like the names of my string so in this thread I will be linking to the images and showing you their ACTUAL names. Partially for your info but mostly to satisfy my OCD. :slight_smile:

Before we get to the images let me explain a bit about the SOLO format which YYX currently stocks.

`"SOLO is long lasting, feels soft on the hands while still holding onto that ‘new string bounce’ for much longer than mass produced string.

It handily maintains its tension through slacks and whips while still binding tight when required. This amalgamation of design and innovation allows the creation of a yoyo string that everyone can enjoy throwing."`

Okay, now on to the images!



RadioActive Zebra (or R.A.Z. for short)


Candy Stripper

Lemon-Aid (The colours are a bit off in this pic. It is actually much brighter)

Baby Teal (Custom design of yoyoGstring team member Jacob Jensen aka Elephark)




Pfew, there we go…OCD breakdown averted!