yoyoGstring.com needs your help!


Hello everyone!

I am undergoing a significant revamp of my little yoyoGstring project and once again turn to the yoyo community for advice.
As many of you are aware I love feedback, be it positive or negative, on my work.
How else can I improve? :wink:

This is YOUR chance to have a HUGE influence on the future of yoyoGstring.

Here is all I am asking you to do:

Please go to my website design gallery at: http://www.yoyogstring.com/yoyoGstring_gallery.html

Flip through my 90-something designs and choose YOUR FAVORITE 25!

Please; no more, no less.

Please send me an email with all of your selected design names to: paul yoyoGstring (dot) com with the subject “MY 25”.

You do not need to rank them, all I need is the design names.

Your selections will be used to determine which visual designs will be made in the future, and which will be retired from production.

I truly do appreciate your help with this.
I have made my own list and I’m interested to see how we compare. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your help everyone.
I look forward to your emails!

  • Paul

Always loved your stuff. Is there any way to get a longer version of your string? The string that I’ve ordered from you are fine but if I had another inch or two they would be awesome! I will have a hard time picking 25 of my favorites but I’ll try. College sports colors would be cool too.

I liked yellowmellow,lemonaid,sunflower :wink: