yoyoGstring - Shipping to YYE on Feb 3, 2020

4000 strings.
400 bundles of 10.
Format is SOLO.
SOLO is 100% polyester made from a combination of 3 different thread weights.
Design is HighLites.
Colours are Neon tones of Yellow, Green, Orange and Pink.

Thanks for your continued support! :slight_smile:



my birthday is the 3rd! :smiley: Retail price?

That looks like a lot of twisting!

That is a lot of string. My brain hurts just thinking about how long it takes me to spin 4 strings, never mind 4,000. It is truly an embarrassment of string riches now, really good times to be a yoyo player.

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A few…weeks. :wink:

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Retail pricing I leave to André. I have my wholesale costs to cover my end.