G Squared Audition

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuzmiyFSnTY check it out. tell me what you think? do you think im good enough for a sponsorship? :slight_smile:

You are alright but asking won’t help for a sponsorship.

im not asking. i sent this to G Squared and just posted it on the forums. im not asking for a sponsorship i just want to know what other people think like if im good enough or not?? you know?

Nice tricks! ;D

i think because g squared had an open sponsorship call, it was a warranted question. didn’t mean to thank you :smiley:

wait what?? ^^^ im confused

Smoothen out the tricks Work on the suicides

oh sorry, well i meant to “quote” you but clicked on “thank you” by accident. I was just saying that G-Squared had an open casting call for video submissions to obtain sponsorship…so by asking if he was good enough, it wasn’t a general “hey am I awesome enough to get paid to do this?”, it was a valid question.

I fixed it. :slight_smile:

thanks will do .

got you.

you are good, but to be honest, I think you need more variety with your moves, and you gotta smooth it out a little bit… for instance, try adding some vertex style tricks or involve your body more, and if you havent already, really get involved in some contests, thats where you not only get noticed, but you learn a lot too!

Disclaimer: Im not yet good enough to even bother going for a sponsorship, Im just telling ya what I see and trying to give you some constructive materials to work with :smiley:

Watch yoyo videos with Guy wright, Jensen Kimmitt, Tyler Severence, Yukki Spencer, people like that.  If you think that your skills are just as good as theirs, then your good enough. Like others have said, you should practice smoothing out your tricks.  Watch “The Letter Blue”  by Guy Wright, and you’ll have the idea of how smooth smoothness can be.

thanks ill work on it! :slight_smile: thanks guys for the tips and stuff :slight_smile: