G Squared YoYos apply within!

G Squared YoYos is currently accepting applications for player sponsorship!
We are looking for someone with honesty and integrity to help promote our brand. We want someone that likes and believes in our products and what our company stands for.

What are you applying for? A sponsorship with G Squared YoYos will include but is not limited to:
Promotion for being on the team
Free yoyos- 2 per model, not including protos.
Free T-Shirts
Contest fees covered for one style
Input in designing new models and colorways.

If you are interested please answer the following questions and make the following videos. Then please submit one email to Gsquaredyoyos@gmail.com
With your name in the subject line.

Home Location:
Years yoyoing:
Favorite yoyo:
2 favorite play styles:
Favorite player:
Previous contests:
Contests planning to attend:
Yoyo related accomplishments:
Short term yoyo goals:
Long term yoyo goals:
Forum user names:

-Up to a 2 min video explaining why you want to be part of G Squared

-Up to a 3 min video promoting your yoyo skills and video editing.

-Up to a 2 min video on how you can help promote G Squared.

Thanks as always for your support,
Good luck to all!

Keep um comming

Is there a deadline and an announcement for who wins set?

No deadline. It will stay open until we find the right person

Have you applied yet?

Do we have to make all 3 videos to be eligible? Im almost done making my video of me actually yoyoing but I am horrible actually talking to the camera and its very hard to understand the recording because my iPhone(currently working to save up for high quality camera) is pretty bad. Could I include the video of me actually yoyoing, and type up the reasons why I want to be a part of G Squared yoyos and how I can help promote the company?

We prefer to see you talking. But you can apply the other way if you wish.

Hello G Squared. I just sent you guys an email for my application. I hope you guys consider adding me to your team. If not, then I at least hope you enjoy my youtube videos. XD
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me back, or send me a message on my youtube account (toshiyotokyo).