Yoyofficer is looking for new team members!

(Bína) #1

Yoyofficer is looking for new team members!!

We want someone who enjoys and appreciate our products and will help us promote our brand on different markets. We are looking for 1A, 3A, 5A players from all around the world to join our team.

To apply for sponsorship, just send us your yo-yo resume as word document to yoyofficerteam@gmail.com

We are looking for this info:

  • Basic info about you, name, occupation, location, how long are you yoyoing, etc.
  • Are you competing? If so, send us video of your freestyle, tell us your best results
  • Send us any videos you made, link to your youtube channel
  • Are you active part of local yoyo community? Are you traveling long distance for yoyo contests?
  • How can you help promote Yoyofficer?
  • What is your view on Yoyofficer brand?

We will be open for applications for next few weeks.

(Bína) #2

We are still open for your applications :slight_smile:


hope to see you guys get some of the awesome players from here on the forums! there’s some really good talent here for sure!


What if we’re not so great at yoyoing but we are pretty good at talking and marketing?

(Bína) #5

We hope to get mainly some new player from USA, thats market we would really like to be more active at.

We have someone to take care about marketing, right now looking for good players.


Im out lol :wink:


Eh I have a chance but its still not that good mostly I am banking on the fact I am girl. While honestly in yoyoing men are a dime a dozen.


How about noticeably rising/improving players? :smiley: