Five Yo-Yo'ers That Are Not Sponsored But Should Be

(Chris Allen) #1
You ever want to facepalm when you see something like this?

“HIyz, I just started yo-yoing and i am really really good with my mosquito. I can do a sleep sin for 1 minute and can do around the world 2 times. My ? iz how does I get sponsored so i can get a g888 or grind mutant?”

Okay kid.

#1. Here is a dictionary and a Jolt cola, go to town.

#2. If you have to ask to be sponsored, then your doing it wrong.

#3. If you want to become sponsored you have to show that you have a knowledge for the current yo-yo market, yo-yo in places that people can see you, be good at teaching tricks, and most importantly… Be better then 99.9995 of everyone else that yo-yo and has put video’s of themselves on youtube. Even after all of that, it is a One in a Million shot because it is less “what you know”, and more “who you know”. YoYo Companies wade through emails and requests asking for handouts and sponsorships, so the way for YOU to get noticed is to have THEM notice you.

With that in mind, I have been watching the Trick Show-Offs sections on all the yo-yo boards and I have found 5 yo-yo players that I think have the skill, style, and personality that would suit a yo-yo sponsorship. They are polite online like a rep should be, and have confidence without the ego. There are lots of other sponsor candidates out there, and this is by far NOT a 'Top 5" list, just 5 people I noticed that are sponsorship quality and should get more attention. If I had my own yo-yo company, these 5 would be at the top of my list!

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this is a very nice thing Dryoyo.


Nice! I agree that those people should be sponsored too!

But what does the thing down there mean VV

Whats “sleep sin”? Does it just mean “sleep thing”? Thanks!

(J. Lev) #4

FNG and Xela, absolutely. Zach and Gentry are pretty awesome too. I won’t pass judgment on that other one. Very nice article :slight_smile:

(Frank W.) #5

I’ve seen a lot of videos of those guys their awesome.

(JonasK) #6

I really don’t get why Xela is not sponsored yet. From what I’ve heard, he really wants to get in the HSpin network.