G- Funk Or Cafe Racer

I was wondering what you guys think I should get, wavelength g-funk, or yoyoexpert cafe racer.

  • Is there a difference between the wavelength and the normal g-funk besides look? It looks like it grinds better.

++ Is the One Drop Bearing in the cafe racer any good?

I have never played a g-funk, but the one drop cafe racer is great! As for the value bearing it plays like a General yo aigr bearing.

I’d say go with the Cafe Racer but that’s just me.

Cheaper too. C=


It really depends. The CafeRacer is my daily carry, due to size and low price. It’s very nice, but really not the stablest yoyo you will find. The G-funk looks like it would be very stable. And the caferacer stock bearing is very nice.

My friends say the G-Funk sucks, and I kinda agree, although I haven’t tried it yet. Get the Cafe Racer.

Don’t judge a yoyo you never played.

True but a LOT of people say it suck, even Gentry Stein himself. It sucks because it doesn’t spin long.

Just because it isn’t popular doesn’t mean it sucks. I haven’t seen anyone that has one or has actually used it before complain about it.

What are you talking about? I LOVE my G-Funk. Spins plenty long enough for me, and plays excellent.

… As for the Wavelength Question: No there is no difference from the wavelength edition except looks.

haha get both.

your shouting, is irritating

I dare you to go up to Gentry Stein and say, “Does the G-Funk suck?” He is going to say yes and plus, I hate small yoyos.

Well I double dog dare you to, since you’re so confident he will say yes.

And hatting small yoyos is your opinion what if under size is what OP wants, that doesn’t make it a bad yoyo.

I bet he will say yes because he said it before.