Future Yoyos


I am looking for a future yoyo and I would love your people’s help to decide.

First off I would like to say I like smaller yoyos. But I don’t like undersized. I don’t like too light though.

Also to help I will name my yoyos and my personal prefrences

MYY T10: love it my main throw
DM 2: It is fine but is too big
C3 Capless fine but too heavy and big
hitman pro: good but too light

Those are all my higher end throws
Thank for your help.


Could you give a price range?


Ok, it seems that you like mid-sized heavy yoyos. There are TONS of those, so don’t fret!

First of all, look at anything within the 52mm-54mm range. Some great yoyos that fall within those specs are:

One Drop 54 (of course)
One Drop Cascade
General Yo Torrent II
CLYW Gnarwhal
CLYW Puffin
YoYoRecreation Blink
YoYoRecreation E=MC2

And many more!

These are all high-end yoyos that encompass a very wide array of sizes and weights.

Give those yoyos a good once-over and come back here with your pros and cons on each. That will help everyone give you better recommendations.


If you want to spend upwards of 100 then a puffin or an arctic circle would be best for you, but if your looking for a yoyo between 50 and 100 then a genesis or a super nova which is in the 80 dollar range.

Hope this helped!


The T10 has stacks. You keeping those in or you popping them out?

Look to the Di Base, Di Base 2, Sine//saw, MYY T5 or 6, 54, Dietz, Gnarwal, and the Firmy.


1 I pop the stacks out because I don’t like it with them
2 any price range


Gotta go with the C3 trident or Something Angle as my reccoomendations as they’ve been 2 of my fave throws

The cascade is very fun as well


I love the angle but it is light and fast, not what he wants

May i recomend the cascade with heavy side effects?


Thanks that was really helpful.


Just wanna point out that the t10 without stacks seems really light, not heavy. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have to reccomend the Cascade. It’s my second favorite throw! I like it with the stock domes, but to make it slightly heavier, put spikes in it.


Welp I’m looking forward to a c3 darksonic on BST or a yoyoofficer brave.


The One Drop Cafe Racer is great, undersized and great price!!


I’m going to have to say that the Roll Model by Yoyofactory seems to fit the bill PERFECT.


Gotta throw my 2 cents in…
Go with the CLYW Puffin. It’s my main throw.
Smaller but not undersized, as stable a yoyo as you are gonna find, and super comfortable to throw and catch.