Funny yoyo tutorial! (Quick wind)

I made this tutorial a while back, actually quite a while back, but I think many of the newer yoyoers can use this for their yoyoing.




Good tutorial! Love the facial expressions lol ;D

Nice tutorial!
I already knew how to do this but it’s still awsome for people who want to learn it!

Can you do this with a Dark Magic too?

Yup, very easily done on a DM. Quite hard to do on yoyos with huge gaps like meteor’s and PGM’s though.

Niice tut Jayyo! This will def help those who can’t get the snap-starting.

My cousin showed me how to do that but only half way.

YEEEHAAAAY, Succes, I learnt it today, how to do, really easy, with DM

Thanks for the video! ! !

I may sound like a total idiot by saying this but:

You’re Josh Yee! I can’t wait to see you at cal States!

Nice tutorial, looks like a funny skit.

nice tutorial, facial expression=funny! i cant do it on my hitman though…to big of gap ;D

Snap start and quick wind are different. Did you watch the video? Its rolling the trapeze to get it to snag as a wind up.

Oops. My bad. I will edit my post for lack of viewing failure.