Snap Start


Can Anyone give me advice on snap starting a yo-yo?

I snap the yo-yo and it spins but it wobbles and only lasts for like 2 seconds.

Any advice?


honestly im curruntly using a dark magic, im not sure what your using, but how i did it with that was removed the side caps, took my non throw hand and pinched the yoyos rim between my thumb and middle finger, with my middle finger on the inside and thumb on the outside, i just snapped my fingers and it worked to get the dm spinning fast… if you have tried that with a similar yoyo im not sure what to suggest other than keep trying.


i’ve tried it on several yoyos like velocity FH mettle zero and legacy based off of the DM but i highly suggest a foot start. It lookes cool and maby not as awsome as a snap start but when ever i try it it goes crazy so try the foot start and see how you like it