snap winds with gloves i guess (yeah that sound good to me ill go with that)

so heres the deal i always wear a glove and my glove doesnt like to do snap winds got any ideas or tip fo me

Cut the thumb off the glove

Do trapeze rewinds.  Also called quick winds. 
I do this trick wind up at 35 seconds in this video.  I do it strait into a regen but you don’t have too. 

isnt this like Zach Gormley’s snap wind

is it gonna ruin the glove like what happens if you get a hole in your jeans

Awesome. I keep trying to do this but I can’t seem to get the yo-yo to wrap up the string enough to pull it off.

Quick winds are a regular thing over here, too. It takes more practice than you would think. All they really are is “frontstyle” binds but with the loop being as large as you can get it. :wink: You roll along the loop until it’s near the end, and if you have enough momentum, you release it before it hits the end, and when it hits the end it just keeps rolling and picks up the other half of the string.

Two things helped me along the way:

  1. As you roll, don’t worry about starting slow. As it rolls, you’ll learn to feel when the response properly engages, and at THAT point you can accelerate the roll.

  2. Don’t wait until it’s right at the end of the loop, or it’ll just stall out. When you’re a couple inches from the end of the loop, gently toss the whole shebang into the air and if you have enough roll momentum, the rest will do itself.

All that said, sometimes you still don’t wind all the way. But if you wind at least part of the way (ie. the response has engaged the string), you can then either regen or otherwise toss the yoyo down (which will give it spin) and then do a normal bind.

Alternatively, you can do palm starts. You hold your throwhand palm-up as a “runway”, and then use your NTH palm (palm-down) to roll the yoyo quickly off your hand. The spin direction is the same as a snap-start, so do what you would have done for a snap start.

No I learned this trick off a duncan package, in 1989. I don’t think zach was alive then. lol

Also yeah it takes practice. I can do it with any throw, even when I start it on the string. But the thing that make it work better is roll it out of your throw hand, and onto the string then start the bind. Let the response grab then pull hard to accelerate the throw. I learned snap starts around 2005, but found they just look lame in comparison to a quick wind so I just do the quick wind/trapeze restart. faster, cleaner, looks better, and in a demo situation looks like you didn’t mess up. :wink: