Fundementals skill Vs skill Knowledge

(DarkPirate) #1

I’ve been yoyoing for basically 9 years now. I realized recently that I have down the yoyo “Fundementals”. I’ve got a good throw. I’ve got good control over the yoyo and string. I land my tricks most of the time.
I’m strong on my fundamental skills.

However, I’ve realized that the reason I’m not really getting better is that my trick knowledge is stuck back in 2004 when I started. I see better yoyoers do cool tricks and I realize now that I can do them, I just need to take the time to learn.
I’m weak on skills knowledge.

As a result, I’ve recently refocused my yoyo training towards learning and developing new tricks, instead of fine tuning what I already know. And its been fantastic. I think I’ve improved more in the last 2 months then in the last 2 years.

So, a question to think about. Where are you? Do you have more Fundamental skill? or more skill knowledge?


Fundamental skill.

I’ve been playing off & on for around 8 years, and it honestly seems like all the “tricks” that I know I learnt in the first 3 years of playing. Sure, I’m hella smooth, but honestly, I just can’t do any of that complicated stuff I see the new young 'uns doing. I wish I could.


Skill knowledge, probably. I mean, I’ve got all the fundamental skills (otherwise I wouldn’t be able to yoyo too well), but I generally feel that I’m better at coming up with tricks than landing them consistently (but then I work on them more and get them consistent, so it’s all good).

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #4

When we first begin learning something, we learn a lot very quickly. We then have to take that learning and make it fit with what we know. Therefore, we will hit flat spots, where we just feel stagnant. Then all of a sudden we take off again. Also the more we learn about anything, the more complex it becomes and the more we have to accomodate that new learning with what we already know.

In short: The fundamental skill base allows you to enjoy the success you are having at the moment with “skill knowledge.” Without the fundamentals what you are learning and loving now, would just have been frustration.

That’s my perspective on the subject.

At the moment I’m learning again, but still find myself refining elements that I thought I had down at one time. So I guess I’m between the two somewhere.