fundamental truths of yoyoing

As a new player I’d like to call on some of the experienced throwers on here to share one or more of their fundamental truths of yoyoing. It can be philisophical or practical just so long as it’s something that serves as a foundation for your daily practice, performance, etc.

Don’t work on learning as many tricks as you can, but work on mastering those that you know. That is very important. Quality, not quantity.

Change strings A LOT

Practice everyday :slight_smile:

Free time = yoyo time

anywhere, anytime is yoyo time

take (at least) one everywhere

always carry a spare string

Always have fun

yoyo for yourself (but yoyoing for others can be fun too! - as long its something you want to do)

its never too soon to start competing (if that something you want to do), the quicker you start the quicker you can improve your freestyling - even if you only know a few tricks, people will “generally” be supportive of your efforts and “should” encourage you to keep working at it.

The biggest truth in Yoyo’s is this…when some one see’s you yoyo’ing it’s inevitable. You will be asked if you know how to Walk the Dog, Rock the Baby, and if they really think they know what they’re talking about they will ask about Around the World. It sad, but it’s like gravity, won’t ever be wrong!!

  On a side note, take it one step at a time, you will get frustrated, but just keep at it. All the sudden one time you'll hit it, and it will make sense to you, and it's gravy from there.

Yoyo in front of other people. Some people will call you nerd, some people will just stare, and some people might give you money. If you want to get real good, yoyo whenever you can. Don’t mind people looking at you. And most important of all, love your yoyo.

Here’s a bunch of smileys: :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D :o 8) ::slight_smile:

a.) read the “book of yo”.
b.) read my blog: (i’m an egomaniac - not really, but i don’t feel like listing all the ‘truths’ i expound on there)
c.) play. the truth of yo-yoing is only really found there.

Mines gonna be simple: All of the above :wink: