What are the fundamentals and key points?

Ive been at this a couple months now and I’m trying to get more precision. My throw is slowing down too quickly during tricks and I’m not sure what proper form and positioning I need to improve this.

What are the basic fundamentals for practice? What should I be doing every time that will help my tricks be cleaner?

If you think you’ve got a trick down, do it 500 more times.

It’s difficult to say where the problem is with the limited information. Are you throwing straight down in front or break away style? Have you checked your response for irregularities, your bearing, and have you tried a new string?

Also learning to throw hard and straight takes practice, practice, and practice. Is the yo tilted while it sleeps?

What tutorials, books, or vids have you been using for instruction and inspiration?

I haven’t been using any books or tutorials…lol Recommend one?

I just look online for a new trick then learn it, and try it over and over and I’ve noticed some things that I’m sure I’m not doing correctly. I know my problem is fundamentals. I’d just like to know what the key points are for regular practice. I’m not sure exactly how to release on a basic throw…things like that. Where should the string be when I release? Where should the yo be in relation to my body? How far out? What’s the best technique for side mount throws? What’s a good sleep time to gauge my progress?

Stuff like that is what I’m interested in knowing.

“Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice is perfect.” Ed Haponik

When I was starting, the one thing that helped me get a good breakaway was watching Hiroyuki throw a breakaway. Before I was really using my elbow, but he pretty much only moves his wrist. So I guess:

  1. Watch a lot of videos of people good at throwing, focusing on their technique.

  2. Try using your wrist more, and elbow less. Or vice versa. Just experiment with different techniques to find your favorite.