Fun unique things to do with a yoyo.

hey guys,

not sure if you know this but theres this trick called “speed boat” where I learned when I was younger. It’s basically “walk the dog” on water. Haha I remember doing this in this camp I went to on a water fountain and I pissed off the teacher there (it was a music camp).

also I like doing “walk the dog” on the table to get my dog out and shes hiding there. I don’t feel like bending all the way down. I’ll the yoyo get my dog out >:D.

also I used to play bowling with the yoyo when I was younger where I would set up figurines and then do a dragster to try and knock them down. Something fun I could do with my nephew now since hes young and it’s something to do.

also if you use a sleeper on a balloon you might be able to pop it.

So any ideas you guys got? And what you think of mine?

I would walk the dog over ant hills muahahaha!!

I like to use the string by itself as a whip. have one end looped around your middle finger like normal, and pinch the other end in the same hand. use your non TH thumb to “stretch” the string like your about to snap a rubber band. then release the pinch. you should hear a disinct whipping sound. this scares children and small animals.

Pretty Sadistic for a teacher :wink: Haha Nice man.

I think it would be sweet to get a titanium yo-yo just so I could spark it. 8) Yeah, pyro in the house. Light a campfire with a yo-yo.

Anyway, yeah, I telling others at school after it rains to stand next to this puddle and I hover over the water and lightly do walk the dog splashing them. >:D

I wanna try that whip thing do you still do it with the yoyo attached? Cause I wanna scare animals and small kids evil laugh.

Dude, if you could get a yoyo to break the sound barrier I’d be thoroughly impressed :wink:

no yoyo attached, just the string. well, on second thought, you can do the whip thing with the slip knot end of the yoyo while holding the yoyo in your hand. But you can’t whip snap the yoyo itself. :frowning:

I like to throw mine ;D