Have you guys every used a yoyo for something other than yoyo-ing? I used my string as an improvised belt today and I’m wondering if anyone else did something similar.


Yeah, I tied my yoyo around an xbox controller so it would hold down the right trigger. lol


I use mine as a seat belt.


Oh, hello officer. No. No. What? No. Oh yeah… Wow, my seatbelt sure looks strange huh? What? Fine…


I’ve done a gyro flop around my waist and walked around like it was a belt.


I had to use a used string to hold up some cardboard being used to block a vent due to how a house was built(apparently by the mentally deficient) after an AC unit was installed.

Used a YYF multi-tool to remove a set screw that was preventing a stairway handrail for a stage from being stable.

I’m using some yoyo strings right now with some gentle heat and some steel plates to straighten out some plastic legs on some action figures I have. It takes months to do these corrections because I have to use super low heat over long periods of time to first unbend the plastic, but like with braces, put a new memory in it so it will hold better, at least until they warp again due to poor storage.


Well, I randomly use the string as a whip to hit my friends at school.

(M.DeV1) #8

Funny, I do the same thing but with my slaves…


You must be from the southern states.

I use the string for floss sometimes. Fat kitty string because I have a big gap.


So your part of the Confederacy? THE UNION SHALL WIN!!!


I used the loop (plus maybe 2 inches) of a bit of old string to hold the calendar on the wall with a slipknot. :smiley:


I used my yoyo string to hold down the shades in my honors bio/chem class cuz the spring in it was broken (horrible and awesome class all at once btw).


what havnt i used my yoyos for lol :o


Going to the moon.


Thats what she said?

But anyways, ive used a yoyo to eat fried rice.


How the hell did you accomplish eating fried race with a yoyo!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!


Did you clean your bowl with your yoyo?


Maybe he ate it out of a Big Yo.


I used old string to hang up a craft on the wall.


I sometimes stick a yo-yo in the handle of the gas pump, so I don’t have to stand there and pump gas. Works like a charm. I pump gas a lot. Keep a beater throw in the glove box.

Disclaimer…Don’t try that at home. It’s lazy! >:( But, it is what it is.

A yo-yo is also good as a paper weight. :slight_smile: