Fun set ups.

(Q) #1

Do you guys have a yoyo that you think is fum because of the way you set it up?

I have a Werrd Hour set up with the slim bearing from a Freehand and thick string to make it more responsive, and it’s one of the darn funnest throws I’ve ever owned. It slips in between being responisve and unresponsive, it can’t handle a ton of string layers, and it’s one of the most fun and challenging yoyos I’ve ever had.

So how about you? Any yoyo that you made fun because of it’s set up?


Pretty much all of my AntiYo YWET’s have their “schmoove rings” filled with silicone and are setup responsive. Love those yoyos, they probably get played more than any other yoyos that I own.


Yyj big Yo with string attached. Now I can actually do stuff with it.


Clyw grarwal with a slim bearing and a ton of thick lube :slight_smile:


I tried that with one of my Walter’s…I wouldn’t recommend that setup in a Walter, it will try to kill you haha


I’m loving my eH with homemade cotton string. For me, it is the perfect responsive setup.


Yes, I finally landed on the perfect Flying V setup!

YYF extra thick green beginner pads (ever so slightly higher than flush), YYJ grey shims (needed both), lightly lubed thin bearing. The gap paired with response is small enough for acceptable thunk at the end of the string, but big enough for non-stressful kwijibos and figure 8s. And of course it’s already a great shape for shoot the moons.

It does everything now. EVERYTHING! ;D

(rizkiyoist) #8

Speeder with stock configuration, o-ring and flat bearing.


Yyf whip without bearing, tightened up so the bearing posts (hubs?) touch and a nice string on it.


Congratulations fiveironbrian! I’m still trying to decide on a Sherpa (or Moonshine), as an alternative to the Flying V, but, from other hobbies I have learned to keep hunting and not go for the substitute


Forget about it being a substitute for anything, and get a Moonshine!!!

I have a lot of fun with the Speed Dial I posted about:


Walter with YYJ shims and a DS bearing. The ULTIMATE unresponsive pocket yoyo!


The first modern yoyo offered with a slim and wide bearing option was the DNA. I still think it’s one of the best. Hubstack just add to the quirky fun.


Stock Horizon, craft beer, optional light kit.