Fun Facts

I always enjoy reading fun facts. Post em here!

Did you know that, applying lemon/lime on your armpits will reduce body odor?

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brain cells, the longest living cell, live a lifetime.

ancient Romans used to use urine in toothpaste.

a toad cannot jump.

there are no clocks in the los vegas gambling casino… i wonder why :wink:

if you cut off a cockroaches head, it can live for weeks.

many sailors believe that if a cat is on the ship, it is good luck.

you will eat about 35,000 cookies in your lifetime, sooo yeah.

the humming bird can fly backwards.

all babies are color blind when born.

BMW made the first jet engine.

the speed of a typical raindrop is 17 miles per hour.

there is gonna be a friday the 13th next month.

a mule wont sink in quicksand for some reason…

rabbits love licorice.

the ant lion isnt a ant or lion

a dragonfly lives 24 hours.

walt disney had wooden teeth…

im done. haha, some of those are cool. hope you liked reading those (no i didnt copy/paste)

Just to add to some of your facts yoyo143:

Did you know that BMW’s crescent/logo is actually supposed to resemble a jet engine?

Walt Disney did have wooden teeth. He also had the largest collection of false teeth in the world, at the time.

Actually, Dragonflies don’t live for only a day. Dragonfly nymphs live for a few years. The mature Dragonfly lives for a few months, and die just after they reproduce. Just something I remember from biology.

You can leave a titanium, carbon steel and stainless steel yoyo in a burning house and it will be ok.

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This should be a walk in the park for anybody who drinks Snapple.

I saw this on iFunny:

If your dog runs off, don’t chase it. Lie down and pretend your hurt, they will come back to see if your okay.

Aww :’(

Had a snapple yesterday and this is what it said!

2nd Street is the 1st most common street name in the US, and 1st street is the 6th most common street name.

Because, normally, 1st ends up getting renamed to things such as Main Street, or the like.

Omg omg omg lol do you guys watch big bang theory?
“1st street usually gets its name changed, to something like main street, Michigan avenue…” lol, that shows funny

If you dont grow cantaloupes all they way, and get them when there smaller and green, they are edible and really good. I’ve had them, there like cucumbers… Haha

In 2007, a Bosnian married couple found out that they had been cheating on one another in online chat rooms… with each other.

LOLOLOLOL that’s a good one.

Maybe I should stop buying yellow toothpaste :confused:

A potato has more chromosomes than a human. Learned that via Snapple :wink:

  1. Love this thread.
  2. I’m going to get a snapple.

An ostrich’s eye is bigger that it’s brain. ???

More people die each year from vending machines then from shark attacks.

Supposedly your birthmark, is where you died in your previous life.

How does a mark on your body relate to a location?

A location on your body. Like, if I had a birthmark on my neck, it means I was stabbed in the neck and died in a past life

I think

I have a birthmark on my arm? Haha, what if you have multiple birthmarks? I have small ones :stuck_out_tongue: