FT/S: YoYoRecreation Stargazer V2: Wants: $$$$ and others

Okay so I got a YYR Stargazer that i just don’t play enough. Its a great throw but does have a bunch of rim damage and a vibe. I think the vibe can be tuned to make it a bit smoother but right now it does have a decent vibe. The rim damage is decently deep and seems to be played like it should be. All damage was before I received it. Its still a great throw if you don’t mind vibe. The vibe is definitely visible on grinds and to the touch but can’t feel it super bad. BTW it is an authentic YYR.

Edit: Just checked more on the vibe and here are the details: On the string you cant feel the vibe and on grinds the vibe doesnt affect finger grinds much at all. The vibe is more of a pulsating vibe that is visible to the eye but still plays amazing. The vibe is a pulse but on the string when playing isnt that bad.

Here’s some pics:

$$$$$$ (Cash is always King)
RecRev Freq. Wave
YYF Severe 2010
DS Wrath
CLYW Sasquatch
Irony JP
General Yo Majesty
Square Wheels Royale/ Rex
Corli Du Toit Trident