FT/S CLYW, YYR (Draupnir), YYJ, C3, YYF, Something, Kendamas + more

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Prices are shipped Priority in the US. I don’t want to deal international but will for Canada (with increased shipping cost), sorry.


YYF Catalyst: Red, stacked version but comes with nubs (plays better like this), some scrapes but nothing too bad and smooth as well. $50
C3 Trident: Coral/Pink, super smooth, some small scrapes around rims but plays true. $60
YYF HOT: Mint, smooth when tuned right, I have it pretty smooth right now, killer yoyo for sure: $70
Tyler Hsieh Pulsefire: raw. some small dings and marks but still a great yoyo. Would be a great beater or carry throw. $35
YYR Triplet: Clear ano, one super tiny prick on the face and 2 on the body (really small), smooth as can be, a great yoyo. $80
Tyler Hsieh Steel rimmed Pulsefire: Modded by Wesley Cheng to fix the insane vibe it had. Its really smooth now and plays killer. This is a proto so there are some signs of wear. There aren’t many of these out there. It’s like a poor mans Draupnir. $55
Vsnewton Skywalker: Second run, White knight, Super smooth, near mint with box, like two ano marks that are kinda hard to find. $95
CLYW BVM: OG in clearview station, super smooth, 3-4 really small dings but doesn’t affect play. Very good yoyo. $70
OD Cascade: Purple, super vibrant color, smooth, and has a small pinprick cluster but still plays true. $65
Ten YoYo Bebop: Dubbed “Bapebop”, super smooth and one minor mark but another yoyo I really like. $70
DS Wrath: Custom Gold PC, actually grinds nicely and is really smooth. A couple minor marks under PC but nothing major. Id say very good condition. I have a few more wraths so looking to downsize. Easily one of my favorite yoyos. $75
YYF Genesis +:Mint, super smooth and a really powerful and fun yoyo. Not into black yoyos but this is a great player. $45
YYF Supernova: JonRob colorway, has scuffs on the rims but no serious damage, super smooth and a great yoyo. $55
General Yo Prestige: Blue mist, has some ano flaws that they all have, super smooth. It has a minor scuff that’s really hard to see. I see why this gets the praise. $75

YYR Draupnir: Now before everyone offers me everything for this. I only want to trade this for another Draupnir. I will not trade this for anything besides these. Anodized Draupnir (Gold, Blue, Green) or an Isotope2. May consider other TP Bi-metals. I will possibly add for an anodized draupnir  especially if a Gold or blue. If you want to buy it, offer a price accordingly. This really is the single best performing yoyo I’ve ever played.

Plastics: Pics here- https://www.flickr.com/photos/30088106@N08/

Something Crazy D: Glow in the dark, NY caps, smooth and one ding. $45
Something The V: purple, some marks on it but still a great yoyo. $40
Something Addiction: One dings and is a first run blue. A great plastic though has a small plastic vibe but still a great throw. $25
YYF Protostar: Neon Orange, mint and super smooth, plays dope. $25
YYJ Hitman X: Blue/ special edition, capless and smooth. This has that nostalgic feel but plays killer. One of my favorite YYJs. $40

If you’re interested in multiples I will give good package !!!

Kendamas: Various brands but these all shred: Will only sell these with yoyos or if you buy multiple kendamas. These have all been used to varying degrees. Most have normal wear.

KenCo Zen: Mint with box never opened: $13
Sweets/blue tama: Red sweets ken with a kenco light blue tama $15
Kenmaster/light blue tama: Kendama master ken (I white acrylic spray painted it) with a custom Light blue tama. $11
Sweets attack: stained ken, white tama: $13
KenCo/gold tama: stained ken, gold tama $13
Kenco glow Ken: Basically never been used. $5 with another kendama

Trades: No Red or Black yoyos. For the Starred yoyos I also have a a few other throws for trade for them.

Draupnir (Gold or Blue preferred but any will do )****
P. Wave (blasted preferred)
Movitation ( blasted preferred)
New Turning Points ( especially Isotope2 or Leviathan 4b)***
Cyborg (green one) ***
Genesis 2014 (Blue Pulsar)
Hatchet (I would trade nicely for one of the gold plated ones)
Puffin2 (depends on color)
Ti Walker****


I can’t seem to see the john Robb color way in the picture


It’s the grey/purple under the Galaxy Seed and above grey Yeti.

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