FS/FT YYR, YYF, C3, YYJ pretty rare and cool stuff here

Hey, I’m back boyyyyyyssssssssss


YYJ- Diamondback

YYR- Sleipnir**************, Gleipnir**, Blink***

Top Yo- T.O.P****

CLYW- Want all but: Puffins, Wooly Marmot/ Markmonts, H5 x Chiefs, BvM 1s, Gnarwhals, Galactic Geese 
WANT: BvM 2**, Summit

C3- Berserker RX********, Berserker*****, GLITTER*******, MOvitation*******, Trident***

OD- Summit**********, CODE 1

GY- Majesty (7075 only)*

Hats and shirts (medium) and other cool apparel

  1. MIB YYR Stargazer Yes, it’s real. Silver
  2. MIB 1 of 2 Unengraved Team Edition YYF 7075 Genesis Very smooth, very attractive looking.  Cherry Red
  3. MIB YYF HOT Awesome throw, my 2nd main yoyo. Black with Red splash
  4. NM 7075 Super G It’s slightly tarnished, but plays amazing. 2 small flatspots and 1 scatch Raw
  5. VNM 7075 B-Grade Supernova This throw looks dead sexy and plays god-like. 2 ano smudges Clam Splash(?)
  6. Mint Duncan Strix A very very very smooth and very very very fast throw. Great for finger grinds and the engraving look classy (it’s a bunch of owls that spell ‘Strix’) Shiny Baby Blue
  7. NMIB YYJ Atmosphere Ehh not a big fan. But smooth and has mirrors. Baby Blue
  8. MIB C3 Token The smoothest under-undersized yoyo I have ever played. Dead smoove.          Black with Gold Speckle
  9. NM 2009 G5 This baby is alllllllll rim weight. Very thin, but fun to play! Comes with a bunch of hubstack stuff Half Blue and Half Copper


One bump/day please.