FT: Essence. LF: Supernova, Severe 2010, DNA, Battosai, Campfire etc...

i have a grey B+ essence that has no vibe, grinds amazingly, performs outstandingly, yet i just don’t like the feel. great yoyo, but it is just a little large for my tastes. it has a white + laser engraved into one of the cups. it actually looks cooler than the A grades imo. i will get pictures up.

i also have some other yo-yos, like a pink with red splash wooly marmot not mint (ano defect) but in original box.

singularity, plays great, awesome pocket throw, not the best at grinds. mib

no. 9 almost mib silver and black, no marks but i have had for at least 8 months and has taken some hits.

black 54 mib with aluminum spikes and brass nubs. small mark.

i really want a supernova, and i kinda want a severe 2010.

i also want a DNA really badly. i was going to get one but about a week before i could, they went out of stock and ended production.

also, the battosai looks sick and has some epic colorways. i have touched one or two and it plays great.

finally, the campfire looks like an epic pocket throw, and i want something to compete with the singularity.

i would also be interested in any other string theory yoyo, or almost any spyy yoyo.

I have an 09 888 and its basically an undersized DNA. It’s yellow/gold with black hubstacks.
I want the WM.

one: you should PM rather than reply to a bst, because i see a message faster than i see a new reply.
2) i have had many 888’s before, they are a lot different than a DNA. they look similar, but they play differently.

Dude I’m on my phone and don’t (and haven’t) have access to a computer
But regardless do u want it?

Can I have pics of wooly marmot

check my BST in my siggy for pictures.

i dont understand how not having access to a computer matters, but no, i don’t want an 888