FS YoTricks x YYF Atlas REDUCED PRICE, Duncan Counter Punch, TopYo META

All prices include shipping w/tracking to CONUS and G&S fees. Original boxes included where specified, otherwise securely shipped in whatever I can find. PayPal (G&S or F&F) preferred, but will also accept Apple Pay.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, I will happily buy it back within a week of your receiving the item—just please don’t use me as a free yo-yo rental service. I will extend that grace period if you’re away from home or whatever, just ask.

YoTricks x YYF Atlas Purple Silver splash, single ding(pictured), otherwise perfect condition, includes YoTricks Ceramic Center Trac Ultimate Bearing(a $24 bearing, because I am out of regular CTs—if you prefer a different bearing, please ask) no box $50

Duncan Counter Punch Purple/Blue acid wash mint in box $30

TopYo META Purple mint $25

YoTricks Civility, mint, includes original Center Trac Ultimate bearing SOLD

YoTricks Ethos, near mint, light scratch highlighted in photo SOLD

One Drop Sugar Glider Hair Band colorway, mint in box SOLD

Yomega Maverick light scratch, original slim bearing “SOLD”

YYF Edge Red/Blue/Silver acid, very hard to find colorway, noticeable vibe(audible, can be felt in string a bit, not visible, no wobble, slightly more fingernail vibe than typical for an Edge 1.5, plays fine), one barely visible nick, Pixel Bearing, in box SOLD


These yo-yos need new homes where they will not be neglected or mistreated. Instead of sitting on a shelf, they should be doing the Eli Hops, Candy Rain, Rancid Milk, and many other wonderful tricks to give them a sense of fulfillment. For as little as $25, you can give one of these yo-yos a loving home where it can receive the love and attention it deserves. Operators are standing by to take your call.



Does that counter punch have any engraving?

Yeah, added it up top.

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Damn I was thinking it didn’t have any. Thanks though.

Halloween sale! Take 0% off listed prices!

Sale over, prices increased by 0%


Added two additional yo-yos that have been throwless for too long. These yo-yos need to be thrown on a regular basis. Don’t let the neglect continue. Adopt a yo-yo today.

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Replaced washed out photos of Edge and Atlas; updated available bearings and added more detailed vibe info for Edge; and BUMP it up

If I just wanted a regular centertrak bearing would you take 15 dollars off?

If not I’m looking into an edge for $45 that someone is selling.

I want this color way though so it would be much appreciated if you could get the final price close to 50

I dont know if im missing something here. But it looks like his price is 50…

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Haha! I was looking at the atlas price!
Silly me😝

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No problem glad to help! Lol I was wondering what you were looking at. Im over here like… I dont know how much closer you can get to 50$ than… 50$. You should send him a DM and work it out

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Dibs on the edge.


Cool. I’ll send you a PM in a few minutes.

Sold Edge, Price Drops and gimme a BUMP

Reduced price of Atlas, BUMP

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Yes, definitely in the ballpark for negotiation.

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