Yotricks Atlas

Been reeeeeally digging the purple and silver colorway. Anyone got one? How’s it play?


amazing its a little wide but its fun and amazing for horizontal and grinds are super clean with this yoyo

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Yes, check my BST. It plays awesome and is super smooth.


It’s a great yo-yo if you like the wide stuff! Very much worth getting IMO


To answer your question more fully…

It feels very light. It’s not a heavy yo-yo, but it feels even lighter than it is, I assume because the weight is very evenly distributed. For how light and nimble it plays, it’s surprisingly stable and has decent spin time. It also has an amazing finish and is one of the best yo-yos for grinds I’ve ever played.

I’m pretty sure if you go to YoTrick’s site their review says pretty much the same thing.

I highly recommend it, even if you don’t want to buy mine. It’s my favorite wide yo-yo, but it’s a bit too wide for me. The Wide Angle Shutter is my replacement for it, but IMO, it’s not quite as good. The Atlas is more stable and longer spinning but doesn’t feel any heavier.

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