Some thoughts on the Yuuksta

One line summary:

Full-size play in an undersized yo.


You can look up pictures. The acid wash looks great in person. I got black acid wash and it looks like it’s make of black marble. My original Yuuksta arrived with what appeared to me as a anno flaw, yoyoexpert swapped it out for me no problem. I always have a good experience buying from yoyoexpert.

Feel in the hand:

It has an angular shape which directs your fingers into a comfortable grip. I find it really comfortable and I have big hands. I could see some people preferring more of a smooth rounded shape though.


I don’t do thumb-grinds, but I like to grind up my arm or on the back of my hand. Since the Yuuksta isn’t bead-blasted, I thought it would be bad at grinds. It’s actually pretty good. I don’t know if it’s the acid wash finish or the shape of the yo, but you can get a good grind out of it. For example, I find I can stall it on the back of my hand then let it run up my arm and I can still pull off a trick or two on an average throw. It’s not as good as my Skyline that has some sort of bead blast finish, but it’s pretty close. Much better than my Superstar which I can only “walk the dog” up my arm.


This yo plays like a full-sized yo with the benefit of being undersized for maneuverability. It has a solid feel to it without being too heavy. The weight is put to good use on the rims making the yo super stable. I can play sloppy and the yo will resist tilting on me. The weight also allows for a long spin time. I wouldn’t describe this yo as “floaty” though. (defining “floaty” as feels lighter than it looks, feels light on the string, ex. Skyline). You can definitely feel it’s weight on the end of the string, I’d even say if it was any heavier I wouldn’t like it. But they got the weight just right giving extra stability and spin time without making it feel like it’s going to castrate your finger. It also feels very “smooth” during play. (defining “smooth” as no vibe, glides through tricks without a hitch).

Ending thoughts:

Overall play is phenomenal, I can’t believe the Yuuksta is fundametal price and even includes a centertrac bearing for the 1st batch. I like it more than my other full price yoyofactory yos. They could have easily made these full price. I wouldn’t hesitate to get one, this will be my main yo for the forseeable future.

Thanks nice thoughts. Makes me glad I ordered one

I’ve had more than enough time for new yoyo syndrome to wear off and I still can’t put this yo down. I actually play more now just because it has such a great feel to it. I don’t jump on every flavor of the month, but I took a hint when I read that yoyofactory made the Yuuksta fundametal priced and included a centertrac to get it into people’s hands. This is a great yo.