Atlas yoyo

Hi guys, I was wondering if the Atlas is worth getting for me as I don’t do any 5A but it has good reviews so I’m wondering if I should get it…? I only do 1A.

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Extremely WIDE. May hinder some 1A tricks, but would be good for horizontal etc. Fingerspins well.

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It is an amazing yoyo, but it is really best for 5a. Generally, 5a uses less complex tech tricks and more big mounts. This means that a wide yoyo makes 5a easier. That being said, for 1a, it excels at horizontal, bangers, and fingerspins. This is the yoyo I learn most of my big, flashy 5a tricks (including horizontal) and 5a on.

Now, should you get it? That’s between you and your skill level. If you want to learn big tricks, or 5a, this yoyo is for you. If you are still beginner ish, this yoyo is still pretty good for you (just realize you have to watch the strings in mounts).

Finally, they no longer sell the b-grade Atlas (which was a stupidly awesome deal), but now they sell the Throwback Skill Toys version (which is nearly half the price of the og if you buy it w/o the counterweight)

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I recently got a atlas and i LOVE IT i only do 1a i do sometimes run into so difficulty hitting the right string…but i also do some pretty dense tech tricks

pros. very catchable grinds are great so is horizontal it is floaty and i typically like a good floaty yoyo

cons. somtimes bc its so wide you can land on double strings and it lacks a little spin

in conculsion i would get it but after you read this you can decide plus for 55 dollars it is a great yoyo for the price

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