• Strictly Sales Only (ie. I am not looking trades)
  • Shipping from Canada (I will ship internationally)
  • Shipping is included in all listed prices
  • Contact me either via pm or for a prompt response email me (andrahim@gmail.com)
  • I am willing to entertain offers but, please be reasonable.
  • All YoYos in this BST are in MINT condition unless otherwise stated

STYY Bandit Prototype-$50 OBO

  • pre-production version
  • raw

YYF Primo-$50 OBO

  • mint & barely thrown
  • comes with YYF box

SPYY Punchline-$80 OBO

  • half & half color ways from the first official Punchline release
  • comes with original box

Crucial Delicious-$40 OBO

  • will come with a bearing
  • 3A damage on rings but the scratches can’t be felt

ILYY Falcon-$80 OBO

  • Green Candyblasted (I believe)
  • Limited edition run

YYF Supernova-$70 OBO

  • Custom Ano Job
  • Smooth and comes with CT Bearing

YYF Severe 2010-$65 OBO

  • Custom Dark Blue Bead-blast
  • Tiny scuff on the rim (cannot be felt)


BUMP, both the Aurora & the ‘i’ are sold!


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Some price reductions and a BUNCH of new stuff added!


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