25 yoyos: OD,SPYY,YYF,YYJ,ILYY + More. Some prices edited.

YYF, YYJ, ILYY, OneDrop, SPYY, General-Yo, Chico Yoyo.

Time for a bag reduction sale. All of these yoyos are MINT condition unless noted.
Most have 10-ball bearings in them unless the bearing they came with is better.
Most of these will come with their original boxes.
All Prices are shipped/ with delivery confirmation. Please check out my feedback. I
will answer all offers in the order they come to me.

Save me a trip to the Post Office? I am willing to deal on multiple yo-yo’s.

Thanks for looking.

[b]PayPal only.
Ship to US only.


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All of these are for sale only.

OneDrop Paul Dang - MINT - Black with Silver splash. Absolutely smooth as glass and
quiet as a mouse.
$85 Shipped

ILYY - 2WEI: Only came in the Candyblast silver color. ILYY organic shape in larger
version. Not many of these were made and is supposedly the last Canyblast to be
made :frowning:

YYF Starlight: Mint.
$15 Shipped

WERRD Pacquiao - MINT: Super Fast; Super light. Awesome throw that moves quick to
say the least.
$65 Shipped

OneDrop Deitz: Larkspur Ed. (Thanks whoever it was that posted :-). Mint.
$80 Shipped

OneDrop 54: Thunderstorm Ed. This one is smooth as silk.

SPYY Pro - Blue Acid wash. Mint - but has slight vibe that almost all Pro’s had.
Awesome throw.

OneDrop - Project 2 - Custom Annodized by Vendetta. Mint condition.

Chico YYC - Del Toro - Blue Marble edition. Mint, smooth and awesome throw from
chico. Not many of these come up for sale for a reason. This is my 2nd.

Chico YYC - Bulldog - Blue Marble Ed. This is the one they are most known for.
Almost a perfect undersized (by today’s standards) throw.

SPYY Punchline: Gold/Yellow acid wash. Very nice yoyo.

SPYY Flying V - A few scratches from pocket wear - nothing too bad; no dings - Nice
and big, plays like a big throw but fits nicely in the pocket since it is so thin.
Really nice throw.


YYJam - LUX LTD - MINT Got this at Nationals this year. Nice little YYJ that is
much like a metal X-Con Pro.
$50 Shipped

YYJ Atmosphere - Nickel rings on Neon green plastic. Mint condition and a 10-ball.
$25 Shipped

YYJ SR-71 - MINT Nickel Plated Ed. Has clear plastic construction.
$45 Shipped

Rec Rev Mangaroo - MINT Got this at Nationals. Picked out the one that had the
nicest splash I could find. Sweet low-cost throw that plays like a $100 yoyo.

OneDrop Cafe Racer -Thunderstorm Ed.

Chico YYC - MINT Flat Top. Great Grey/Green splash compliments this nice little
$55 Shipped

OneDrop Code 1: YYE Purple/Silver Ed. This one was a NQP because of slight anno
smudge betwween the purple and silver. Mint and A grade every way else. This one is
a steal. Comes with AL spikes.

OneDrop Burnside - MINT Blue; I mean REALLY Sapphire blue. Smooth as silk and quiet
as a mouse. One of three I have. One needs to find a new home.
$70 Shipped

General Yo: Hattrick. Awesome smaller-sized General Yo. This one is grade A - MINT

YYF G-Funk - This one has a SMALL pinprick. Hard to find, but I have to mention it
since most of my stuff is perfect. One of the BEST playing cheap metals out there.

OneDrop Y-Factor : MINT Purple-Winesauce custom ano by Vendetta.
$60 Shipped

ILYY E1Ns: 2009 Ed. MINT ILYY - Canyblast Dark Grey (almost black), Smooth. Not
much else to say about this legendary throw that put ILYY on the map. Almost a
perfect shape in your hand.

Thanks for looking.

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pm’d ;D

Dropped a few prices :slight_smile:

PM sent. Would like the ILYY E1NS 09 ed.