Selling some near mint yo-yos CLYW, One Drop, SPYY

Hi everyone I am selling some old metals that I don’t use too much anymore. Most of these weren’t used much at all.
All prices reflected are with shipping included
Bearings ARE NOT included in the purchase of this yoyo, unless you PM me with a request for one.
I understand that I don’t have a trade count but I’m banking on the fact that I’m Elliot from CLYW and I wont scam you but if something happens you know where to find me.

CLYWxOne Drop Summit - PENDING
played a few times, near mint. no cosmetic damage
plays perfectly - special color way, not sure what it’s called

CLYWxOne Drop Wooly MarkMont - PENDING
played a few times but mostly sat on my shelf so near mint condition, no cosmetic damage
plays very smooth & vibe free, nice and solid feeling

SPYY Spyder II with original box - $50
played a few times so near mint, no cosmetic damage
(there is a smudge around the rim of the yoyo in the photo but I easily rubbed it off, not cosmetic damage
plays nice and smooth

CLYW Avalance, original shape - SOLD! :]
heavily used and well loved. This guy has quite a bit of nicks and dings, I took shots of the larger ones.
plays amazing