All sold thanks

I have for sale 3 yo-yos from my collection.

First is a first run Spinworthy/MK1 Bloodcell Scrubs edition. This was a very limited run of this color and is the A grade, not the B grade. Yoyo comes with everything as purchased, box, stickers, yoyo. I’m also including two brand new spare bearings for it, and one pair of new pads. I had bought the pads and bearings to keep on hand. Yoyo is Mint, not a mark. I may have used it for 5 minutes, if that. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, probably one of the best metal responsives ever, I just have too many. Looking for $75 US for the package.

Next is a Doc Pop Bolt 2 in what most consider to be the best looking color combo. This one is mint as well. I tied the string, but honestly don’t think I’ve even thrown it. Comes with the original cool box/container. Well regarded yoyo. Looking for $50 US.

Finally, I have a One Drop Cabal, in the extremely rare Dark Matter color way. 1 of only 2 that were made. I’ll say this one is NMTBS as I am not the original owner, but I do not see a mark anywhere. It is perfect. Comes with the OD box as well. Considering how rare this one is, and how good the Cabal plays, I’m looking for $120. It’s a Cabal, what more can I say?!

I’m located in Canada, will ship to Canada and the USA, tracked and insured. Prices do not include shipping. Shipping is generally about $21 US unless you want it tomorrow… I’ll consider pay a portion of the shipping cost.

Please contact with any questions. Not looking for trades. Also check out my feedback if you have any concerns. I always over package my items to ensure safe delivery. Thank you.

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All Sold off, thank you.