Selling collection


All yoyos are 100% mint no scratches, dings, or dents. The case is a very nice case and fairly new.

So the yoyos are Hspin Pyro, Kyo Senza nome, OneDrop M1, OneDrop M2 new version, Werrd Gold TFL Groovy Edition. As with all being mint condition that also means no vibes or wobbles. I have awesome feedback on the yo forum under oldyo and one great feedback here. I have well over 100 positive feedback on ebay with many yoyo deals. This is a small chunk of my collection and no longer want these. I only want to sell them in a lot deal only and dont want trades or to sell seperate. The price is $300 obo and that is basicly 65 for each yoyo which is a steal! and thats not counting the case a bunch of string and 2 sets of pads for the Onedrops. Shipping will be $5 priority. Taking paypal only and once payment is received they will be shipped that day and I will give you the tracking number. Please no lowballs cause I ve been yoyoing for 12 years and know what they are worth. Im giving the yoyoers first grabs before they hit ebay. This will be posted on other sites so dont delay. Thanks and keepem spinning! Let the bidding begin.

(Hardcore_Max) #2

Hi again, thats a sweet deal for all of that, how long before you post on ebay, would you post the whole package out to australia?