FS/FT: SPYY Punchline Repeater

I have a handful of yoyos for sale that I simply do not play. All are without flaw except where specifically noted. - Prices are shipped. Paypal only. Shipping outside of the US will of course be extra.

GONE! =D --YYJ Luxe Ltd - With Box - Never Released (To the best of my knowledge - I picked this up at Worlds 2011) - OFFER

SPYY Punchline Repeater - With Box - $95

GONE! - SPYY Supra - No Box - Star Grade, bought direct from the company. Is star grade because of the ano flaws, which are shown below. You can just see the raw in a few spots, otherwise, perfectly fine - only thrown a few times. - $60

GONE! - Werrd 4XL - With Box - $60

GONE! =D --One Drop Dingo - No Box - Has some scuffs, the worst of which are pictured. Has certainly been around the block before it got to me but runs just fine. - $35

I’m only looking for a few pieces in trade:

Jason Lee edition Yuuksta
Fancy Avant Gardes

Otherwise, you’re welcome to offer, but unless it’s super fancy, it is quite likely I will decline. Also most anything plastic will be dismissed as well.

PM sent, I think. Regarding the Supra.