FS - SPYY, YYF LF: Turning Point and Caribou Lodge Yo-yo Works

[SPYY’s/ Loopers not pictured – see flickr for the pictures of the loopers and PM me for pictures of the SPYY’s]

Prices do not include shipping see at the bottom

SPYY Punchline Repeater - gold black splashy thing, it is a lovely throw which I bought at NRC it is a lovely player, it has a couple of scuff from it hitting the floor but it still plays real nice, in box, price - Offer

Boss - quite a few dings/scuffs but plays brilliant, it is green and is white on the inside (where the caps would cover if it has caps even though the yoyo itself doesn’t come with caps  ) £25 - $41

Protostar - Grey - Plays solid and smoothly but a lttle vibe, but I love it  £15 - $25

Superwide - red, I used this for my freestyle at NRC, great player, I love it, it really is superwide near mint, I think it has a couple of small scuffs but nothing to noticeable, in box - £40 - $66

A DV888 - Half blue black splash half light blue, a few little chips on the blue black splash side, and 1 pinprick on the bright blue side, £25.00 - $41

California - I got this from pegasus a couple of weeks back plays great I just feel I don’t use it as much as some people would so you can buy if you want it! £40.00 - $66

By the way these are all cheap prices if they seem different to what you would expect PM me and I will double check the exchange rate.


I am only Looking for money or Peaks or Turning Point.

Shipping: To All countries outside Europe it is $16 for postage and for all postage inside Europe it is $12.

Please be patient for me to reply as I rarely use this forum, if you want to see my feedback my profile on the yoyoz.co.uk forum has much feedback and here is a Freestyle of mine:

I am Sammyo on the yoyoz.co.uk forum