For Sale: ILYY, YYR, YYJ, YYF, SPYY, 3YO3, CLYW. --Price Droped--


Got some Yoyos for sale. Will sell cheap if you buy in groups.

Fast 201 - Has O-ring response modded by yours truly. $8
Dreadnought - Does not have silicone as of now. One pin prick by the response. $130120
ILYY Falcon - Small ding under beadblast. Hard to see. $70 65
ILYY Void - One half engraved one half blank. $40 30
Brown Marmot - Has tons of dings and polished rings. $100
SPYY Pure - Nice yoyo. Very good condition- hairline scratch on bare aluminum. $90 $85 $80 $75
Xcon - Rare first run. Some small cracks. Probably more for a collector. $25 $20
Nationals Ed. DM - Pink with Black rims. Rims have small dings. $25
Worlds Ed. New Breed. $25
3YO3 Cosmo - $30
YYJ Prototype offstring - Again more for collectors. $40

Shipping in North america is $5. Everywhere else will have to contact me

I am located in Canada, if that is an issue for anyone.

Thank you. :smiley:

Cosmo gone!

Up- Prices lowered