FS/T: YYF 888:MightyFlea, YYJ Atmosphere, CLYW Campfire

Cash offers take priority over trades, but I will entertain ALL offers.  I am in no rush to get rid of these, so make sure your offers are SOLID.  Low-ballers will be ignored.  I prefer PayPal, but will accept other forms of payment at your own risk.

-Small Bearing
-Small pin-pricks and weird anno marks but still gorgeous
-Super Smooth
-No bearings for hubstacks (got it that way)

YYF Mighty Flea [Offer Up] PENDING GONE!
-Great condition, small scratches
-This thing is really fun, but I just don’t play with it

CLYW Campfire [$70]
-Mint, but thrown.  Comes with box.
-Awesome yo-yo, just not my thing
-Smooth as you would expect.

YYJ Atmosphere [$35]
-Mint, but thrown.  Comes with YYJ box.
-This thing is awesome too, but I just don’t like celcon I guess.
-No ‘YYJ Vibe’


All yo-yos come with a couple 100% poly strings.  Yay.


Does the 888 have scratches ? PM me with pics plz …

If the 888 isn’t gone, give BattleToads a PM.