FS/T: G2 Reaper Proto 7, YYF Pragma, UNPRLD Antidote, Duncan Freehand Pro w/weight rings, YoTricks Sage

All prices include G&S fees and shipping w/tracking to lower 48–additional shipping charge elsewhere. PayPal G&S preferred, will also accept Apple Pay.

If you’re unhappy with your purchase, I will buy it back. I’m not trying to make a profit, just recoup money to try more yo-yos.

Feel free to Check/Leave Feedback

Only looking to sell or trade for now—no purchases for a bit

Want List

Looking for the Following in no particular order (not looking to buy for now, will trade, possibly trade + a little cash):

  • OPYOYOS (Found Absurdity)
  • Mk1
  • MFDs
  • Dunk
  • YYR bimetals / Sleipnir
  • Duncan Haymaker X / Grasshopper GTX
  • 2Sick Promotion
  • C3 Gamma Crash
  • SF Motive / Ceasefire / Other
  • Undersized Organics, especially anything similar to E1NS
  • E1NSTEiN
  • dotE1NS or E1NS
  • G2/A-RT Life
  • General Yo 5 Star
  • General Yo Hatrick

All trades will be considered, so if you don’t have these, HMU with whatever you have that’s interesting.

• G2 Reaper Proto 7 — NMTBS, G2 smooth, w/box — $85

• YYF Pragma Black / Silver Fade — typical YYF bimetal vibe (fingernail vibe and minor string vibe) — $60

• UNPRLD Antidote Pink — minor scuff, w/box — $15

• Duncan Freehand Pro Pink w/ Black performance rings — barely used, w/box, your choice of counter weight and original caps — $18

• 2x YoTricks Sage NMTBS, Ann Connolly Purple and White — $8 each, sold as pair or add-on only

All Items Below Gone

• Yomega Brain XP — SOLD

• G2 AL7 Banshee — Deep Purple / Bomber Green half-swap (non bomber engraving half) — Near Mint, couple pinpricks and minor scratch on green half (visible in pictures, can take more on request), G2 smooth. In Box w/koozie — SOLD


• Retic Death Adder Brass Planet Sadala NMTBS w/box, bag — TRADED

• YYF Shutter Wide Angle Copper Aqua Fade NMTBS, very smooth w/YYF plastic box — TRADED

• YYF Edge 1.5 Red / Blue Silver Speckle NMTBS, smooth for YYF Edge—some fingernail vibe, no string vibe, plays smooth, w/YYF plastic box — TRADED

YYF EDGE Beyond Black/Silver fade mint w/box SOLD

Throwback (YoTricks) Arcade Fire colorway, mint, barely played, with generic box it came in SOLD

One Drop Top Deck Lavender NMTBS in box SOLD

30 Slackies Green/Yellow/White Strings “SOLD”

25 YYSL Plutonium Lemon Lime Strings SOLD

Bundle of 5 Ocean Blue Ammo, 8 Mixed Type X, 10 Mixed Venom Strings SOLD

YoTricks x YYF Atlas Purple Silver Splash like new except for a single ding, includes YoTricks Ceramic Center Trac Ultimate Bearing, no box SOLD

50+ Monkeyfinger Vines Phat Lemon Lime SOLD

Ceramic Dif-e-yo Koncave Bearing SOLD

Duncan Counter Punch Purple/Blue acid wash mint in box SOLD

TopYo META Purple mint SOLD

YoTricks Civility, mint, includes original Center Trac Ultimate bearing SOLD

YoTricks Ethos, near mint, light scratch highlighted in photo SOLD

One Drop Sugar Glider Hair Band colorway, mint in box SOLD

Yomega Maverick light scratch, original slim bearing “SOLD”

YYF Edge Red/Blue/Silver acid, very hard to find colorway, noticeable vibe(audible, can be felt in string a bit, not visible, no wobble, slightly more fingernail vibe than typical for an Edge 1.5, plays fine), one barely visible nick, Pixel Bearing, in box SOLD


These yo-yos need new homes where they will not be neglected or mistreated. Instead of sitting on a shelf, they should be doing the Eli Hops, Candy Rain, Rancid Milk, and many other wonderful tricks to give them a sense of fulfillment. For as little as $25, you can give one of these yo-yos a loving home where it can receive the love and attention it deserves. Operators are standing by to take your call.


I have a couple questions about the Atlas,

  1. Does it have any major vibe?
  2. How long ago did you buy it?
  3. How long has it been sitting on the shelf?
  4. How much better does the Ultimate Ceramic CTB play than a regular CTB?
  1. It’s virtually vibe free. It’s the smoothest yo-yo I’ve ever owned. The ding was from it tapping against my belt buckle while spinning(one of those heavy, highly adjustable ratcheting belt buckles), not from a drop. It still plays and feels as it did new.

  2. I bought it March 10, 2018–just looked it up on YYT.

  3. It’s never really sat for all that long, just because I like how it plays. Even though I don’t use it much, I pick it up at least every other week to give it a few throws.

  4. The Ceramic Center Trac Ultimate is a much better bearing, IMO. It spins much longer and requires less maintenance. I just use a half drop of thin lube whenever it starts getting louder than normal, and it’s usually good for a month or more.


Atlas Price Drop for the HOLIDAY BUMP

If I was in the states I would actually have bought all your YYSL strings, but it kind of doesn’t make sense once you factor in international shipping and international paypal fees. :sweat_smile:
Good luck with the sale dude :slight_smile:


I did ship a couple yo-yos to Germany, and even that was bordering on not worth it. It was a good deal though, so the buyer still made out pretty well… assuming he gets them.

And he did!



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Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Added Top Deck :cry: and a BUMP



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Bumping for a good guy! Buy his throws so he can further fund his yoing addiction!


You want a Top Deck. You NEED a Top Deck. Buy my Top Deck.


What are your thoughts on these strings?
Kinda surprised to see you selling them because to me…they’re some of the best playing I’ve tried. They last forever too!

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I love ‘em. To me they’re right behind Markmont.s. Otherwise I’d be offering up all of them. I’ll have a few new ones left and a bunch that have up to a few hours on them.

I’ve been using Markmont.s exclusively for a bit, but I like to have a few different strings I can use, especially stuff that whips a bit differently.

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lol sorry for going off topic…

What Markmonts do you use? They’re some strings I’m definitely going to try at some point. Probably go with Cumulous Foam…but there’s so many options!

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Mostly Cumulus Foam, but also Copi, Blue Eyed White Dragon, Night Moves and Dragon… lol, just depends what I’m doing and what yo-yo it’s on. I’m getting some Cirrus Foam to see if I can reduce the number of strings I’m using.

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Bump Bump

Rubber baby buggy BUMPer

Priced to sell BUMP