FS: must sell! clyw 2 canvas!, 2 chiefs,campfire

no lowballs

copper pot 125$ w/ box & grucial bearing-shipped
purple teeth - 120$ shipped
golden boy - 105$ shipped

i dont ship.unless i recieve payment first
and do not pm me about shipping first
i only use paypal as a secure transaction

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No offense, but this looks too shady. You have 3 trade rep’s, one of them is negative, albeit because of backing out of a trade, and I’m not trying to hold that against you, I mean sometimes people change their minds, usually rule of thumb is, if you’ve exchanged addresses, it’s a done deal. Anyways, I think if you had more actual trades, or sales under your name it would be easier to buy from you. You joined around the same time that I did back in December of 2011, but…the difference is, I’ve got like 17 trades under my belt and 75% of those are trades, where I’ve shipped stuff out before. Also, another thing I don’t like is that you only have about 25 some odd posts to your name in 2 and a half months, so therefore, there could be lost communication because you don’t log on or something.

If it’s through paypal, then I guess it’s at least covered through them if you do end up scamming, but…not a lot of people want to take the risk. I say get more active in the community, and then you’d be able to gain more trust. I did a deal with this one guy with 0 rep, and the only reason I did is because he had around 350 posts, and a youtube channel with a bunch of videos, so I really doubted he wanted to lose his rep over a few PSG’s, super nice guy tho too. Also, the comments saying “I thought you were supposed to be banned” don’t really help your rep out either.

If you want to gain some trust in the community, you’re going to have to be trustworthy first, either do a few trades, where you send out first, and the other person receives them and leaves positive feedback, or you may as well try your luck on ebay if you intend to actually sell these. Good luck…and may the trust be with you.


Just to clarify.

He was given a temporary ban for actions unrelated to trades.

If these “must sell” you might want to lower your prices first.

I made a full price offer on his Minty Mint Chief and he went silent after earlier negotiating. Manners would dictate at least letting my know he won’t accept my offer. I had the money ready to go and he threw away the deal. Then he slaps up some crappy verbage about “butt hurt kids”. I don’t know, it just sounds like he doesn’t want to accept the fact that he runs things poorly.

He’s also removed a LOT of negative stuff from this thread or had it removed. I don’t like to sound negative, but this is an individual I do not want to deal with.

BTW: I have since bought a Chief and paid way more than his asking price. But it was flawless in box too.

Just interesting for “MUST SELL” that you’re not really taking offers. Seems more like “must waste your time”.

I’d say nothing to see here, move on. He’ll just go request that this message get removed from the thread.

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Just an update you might want to see:

A personal message from the author of this BST thread:

Subject: (No subject)
From: raul710 on: Today at 09:53:31 AM
Y don’t u **** off u old friend an don’t leave **** on my bst I don’t give a **** what u think an dont get butthurt over this;) hahaha


Decide what you will. I would avoid this person at all costs if this is how they choose to behave.

He’s already shown blatant disrespect backing out of a deal and earning negative feedback.

He’s been disrespectful to me personally by not having the courage to at least tell me that he was not willing to accept my FULL PRICE offer on an item. I mean, it is HIS choice to NOT choose to do business with me, but it’s also a matter of courtesy and good business to tell a possible BUYER that he’s unwilling to sell to me. But instead of going that route, he goes silent for a week after twice daily log-ins AND bumping his BST thread. Rather than say he doesn’t want to sell to me, he chooses instead to call me “butthurt”. Interesting.

I hate to do this, but I strongly recommend avoiding this seller at any and all costs. I have a feeling that they got negative feedback for a very good reason and has earned it.

I can accept being told “no”. This is an acceptable method of handling business. I’ve made offers on BST and been told “no” before. I’ve made offers on BST where the seller and I could not reach an agreement, which is acceptable. I’ve been approached to BUY something, including stuff that was on BST, and the seller and I could not come to terms we both agreed upon. I’ve even been flat out told “no” before as well. I’ve also told possible sellers “no”, mostly in cases where what they were expecting and what I was willing to spend were too far apart. I’ve even LOST deals where the seller was able to secure up a deal faster than I was able to move, and the seller informed me as such. Hey, business is business.

I am involved right now in a deal with a reputable seller and we’ve come to agreement on price. I didn’t want to leave him hanging and took time out of my very packed day to make sure he knew I was still interested in the item in question so I don’t leave him hanging. We’re just waiting me to receive a payment from one of my datacomm clients so I can then pay for this yoyo in question.

When I am dealing on BST, especially when negotiating or expressing an interest, I attempt to have daily contact with the seller so they know I am interested. I don’t want to waste their time. If I lose interest, I want them to know so they can move on. If I am interested, I want to wrap it up so they can close the deal and move forward with getting paid. If we can’t come to an agreement, I want to let the seller know so they can move on.

Respect. This seller is unclear on that concept. If this is how he treats me, imagine how he’ll treat you.

I can’t wait for his next volley of abuse hurled in my direction. And it has arrived.

I strongly recommend complete and utter avoidance.