FS: Fool's Gold CLYW, Nauae, modded FHZ, and Cosmo


Started throwing again but I want to slim down my collection.
My Sale Rules/What I do

  1. All my prices include shipping costs.
  2. I do payments through PayPal
  3. Feel free to offer trades.

Yoyos I have for sale

Fool’s Gold Artic Circle 1

Fool’s Gold BvM2

Rec Rev Nauae


Modded Duncan FreeHand Zero

Duncan FreeHand Zero
-Mint Condition.
-Unmodded, completely stock.

Have a nice day!


I’d get yourself a Paypal account. What you are doing is incredibly suspicious, especially since you just opened an account here. Try ebay if you want to sell.


As long as he ships first Irdaprez then I think it would be fair. If I bought anything from him (which I dont have right now, trades but no to buy), I would insist on him shipping first and if he agreed after seeing my feedback then I dont think its suspicious at all. Some people dont have Paypal and hate Paypal like myself, its SO hard to get the cash out, they take a big % and it takes a while!

I think if he ships first then hes legit, we will see =).


A check or money order sent to him AFTER he ships should be fine.


To address the responses that I’ve gotten in this thread:
If the person who I was selling to had a decent number of positive feedback responses then I would definitely ship first. Paypal just isn’t an option unfortunately.


Edited, Got Paypal Account, Lowered Prices, BUMP




Back from thanksgiving


lowred amy apdirces


scukl iz tahwert


finls ra fre btuthells




bump it boys




buy my stuff pls


bumpity, new yoyos and prices


Still have the cosmo 574 742 5554

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