6 yoyos, 200$, AMAZING DEAL.

EVERYTHING HERE FOR 200$ and i’ll even throw in a couple awesome counterweights.
Pure gold. It’s friggin gold plated. and smoooth. 120$ is my price. these originally went for over 300$ so this is quite the deal.

Set of loop 900’s. one red, one yellow. halves switched. one key that is white. 30$

Gold rimmed phenomizm. one of the few, capless, and a edge glow green. lovely during the sunset. 45$

Orange northstar. it’s a mint northstar, pretty self explanatory. 25$.

YYF california. green with a blue splash. one ding. smooooth. really nice. 40$

Yo I PM’ed you. Reply?

Bump! trying to offload these soon!

Please take to consideration that this trader has had some bad transactions with others in the past few months.

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been 4 months since i’ve even considered trading. chill out bro.

Look who’s back…

hahahaha, just to get some money my friend. don’t have a job, don’t use these yoyos.

I am intrested in the pure but if possible could you post some pictures of it :’(

want those 900’s!

still up.

hey man, you there? Did you get my messages?


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