Quick sale.

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Overspent, need to make some money back, sadly must sell the things I just recently got.
No trades, only selling. Offers of trades ignored.

Any 3X.

With gold rims.


Any happy yoyos last yoyo. Interchangeable rims for unique play. Extremely smooth and stable yoyo.
Plays floaty with the large rims, solid with the smaller rims.
These are quite rare and also a bit pricy but very much worth it. These were not sold in the US so you will not be seeing one of these around anytime soon.
Offer away.

Thats it for now.

Please do not offer any trades, I really need only money now, and all offers of trades will be completely ignored. So don’t waste your time.
Maybe you want to waste your time? Offer yeh? Yeah, Ill forever make sure you can’t deal with me ever again. So for your own sake, don’t do it. Make the world a nicer place. Save the whales.

I ship to the US and Canada ONLY.

Thanks for looking.


(Mi) #2

Mein :3

(system) #3