All items are for SALE ONLY. I will negotiate prices if need be.

Please inquire by PM. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

CLYW fools gold peak. smooth, mint. $65 SOLD

Translucent Navy Freehand Cyclon. White caps, mint with package, small bearing. $25

YYJ kickside. one scratch as far as I can see, no caps $12

Flying shuttle. Few marks, nothing serious. With nubs and it will accept hubstacks. offer

pictures are here:

Thank you for your time.


Bump. 80$ takes en them both!!

(yoyo jake) #17

Xconvict for the fhc


for sale, no trades

(yoyo jake) #19



Which of the 3 are available? Just for clarification…which yoyo’s for $80?


pmed you.


is there no way to lower the price? and is it siliconed or any other mods?


siliconed, rings removed. Clean, broken in bearing.

Make me an offer if the price is too high


Is it Large Bearing or Small?






does peak come with origanal box


pmed you

(system) #47