Selling: Fools Golds, Axis, Turning Point and more!


For sale:

FS ONLY: YYF Metal Replay. Fun throw, was only available for a limited time before WYYC 2015. Has a small flatspot, a pinprick, and a scuff on it. Doesn’t affect play at all. PM for pictures. Only want $, taking offers.

FS ONLY: CLYW Yeti (Original). Gray with bluehub sticker. Two barely visible flatspots, one scratch (also very minor), some vibe. Very limited numbers of these on the market. Comes with box. Pics: $70

FS ONLY: CLYW FG Orca. Gold. Awesome throw, very stable and fast. Some pinpricks and flatspots not pictured, but one ding pictured. Pics: $40

FS ONLY: CLYW FG Gnarwhal 2. Orange and silver. FG vibe, also ano error. One of best CLYW throws in my opinion, very flowy and fun. This yoyo is retired, so it will never be in retail again. Very minor pinprick and scuff, barely visible. Pics: $40

FS ONLY: Axis Pulsefire. Midnight Azure. One ding, has some vibe. Very stable and great for spin times, overall an extremely reliable yoyo. Pics: $60

FS ONLY: TP Palpitation. Solid black. Arguably the best yoyo around, great for every style of play. Its stable, nimble, fast, and spins for forever. Has multiple pinpricks similar to the one shown and some vibe. Pics: $100

FT/FS: MagicYoyo N12. Very cheap, comfortable and solid. Taking offers. Mint except for extremely minor pinprick:

FS ONLY: YYR Gargantua (clear). One of the best plastics I’ve tried, near mint. Some very small pinpricks and scratches. PM for pictures. Only want $, taking offers. Gone.

FT/FS: Orange Buddha String. Nice, sturdy, and feels nice on the hands. A pile of about 50-60 of them. Taking offers or will throw these in as sweetener.

FT/FS: OD Rally. Mango with purple metal rims. Minor vibe, still super fun and nice. Taking Offers.
Some dings:

FT/FS: YYF Severe. Noticeable vibe, and pure delrin fun. Taking offers. Some damage: There are also scratches along the rim that are hard to see in the picture.

FT/FS: Neon Green Kitty Nylon 1.5 String. Nice and sturdy, good for whips and slack. About 60-70 of these, with box. Taking offers or will throw these in as sweetener. Gone.

FT/FS: CLYW FG 7075 Bonfire. Clareview Station. FG vibe. Nice, fun, solid, flowy. For trade only.
Small, unnoticeable scratches:

FT/FS: YYF Protostar. Gravitsky Edition. Mint, very fast and stable throw, all around a great for its price. Taking offers. No damage: Gone.

FT/FS: OD Benchmark H 2014. Green. Great to play with, all around really solid and a great throw. I decided W was better but it is generally regarded as best of the Benchmark series. Small vibe, 1 ding, few scratches, 1 scratched up side effect from previous seller (replacable), doesn’t affect play. Taking offers. Will discount this HUGELY.
Damage as shown: (Doesn’t have a bearing in the pic, will include a bearing)

Know I will consider any and all offers. Thanks!


$15 shipped all of the string?

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