FS:Clyw Artic Circle signed by Zach Gormley, YYJ, YYF, and more!


First off I want to state that these throws are for sale only, unless for Woolymarmot 2 (Ashberry, or incredible Kimmitt) or Puffin 2 (Ashberry).
Now that’s out of the way, this is what I have for sale!

I tried to picture most of the damage, the ones that are near mint have all damage shown.

WANTS:CASH, CASH, AND MORE CASH $$$$$  OR WM2, PUFFIN 2 (ash berry, incredible kimmitt)


Near mint Gravy Boat Artic Circle, signed by Zach Gormley!- asking $145 $130 shipped

Non-mint YoyoJam DiamondBack- Asking $90 shipped. Even though its not mint, the dings are not that deep and it is still smooth.

Non-mint YoyoFactory Supernova-Asking $55 shipped. Same with the DiamondBack, the damage isn’t too heavy except for one big ding. This yoyo is still incredibly smoooooth!

near- mint YYF Northstar- asking $20 shipped. This is the GLOW collection version, but the glow on it is not that great. DONT buy if your expected some crazy glow. DO buy if you want a GREAT playing plastic throw! I really have only played with this a handful of times  ;D

Non- Mint YYF Severe- Asking $25 shipped. Again, great plastic, quite beat up though. Doesn’t effect play a lot, still relatively smooth

yoyojam dm2- gone. Really fun, great throw. this is the yoyo that really got me into yo-yoing  :smiley: Pretty beat up around rims, just like every other used DM2.

Non-Mint Yomega HyperWarp HeavyWing- Asking $10 shipped, $5 with any other purchase! This yoyo is designed to be responsive, but with the years i’ve put into it, it is semi-responsive.

mint Duncan Metal Drifter- asking $15 shipped, $10 with another purchase. I took out one of the response pads to try and make it unresponsive. Unfortunately it did not work, and it left me with a semi responsive Metal Drifter.

Please forgive my crappy camera skills, if you want better pics, DM me and give me your # so I can text it to you  :smiley:


Why are my pics not showing up?!?!?!?!?!?


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I went to your imugur link and it says your pics aren’t publicly viewable. you might want to chage that and then it should work.


OK I got it figured out.



The hyper warp heavy wing is yomega, bro. Just thought I’d let ya know! :slight_smile:


Ohhhh yeah duh! Thanks, I’ll fix it :slight_smile:

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