bunch of stuff for sale CLYW OD YYF [PRICE DROP #2]


Pictures http://imgur.com/TR65Mgm,LGkl3R7,p7FoaID,kdwouHQ,MkBYCjy,enffI9A#0 because i couldnt figure out how to put them in the thread itself, sorry.

YYF Supernova, mint ~ $55

OD CODE1, mint ~ $55

CLYW Avalanche, custom EGGSHELL pained, so it grinds fine and looks amazing. has some chips in the paint but if you wanted to take the paint off the yoyo itself is still in mint condition underneath. ~ $85

CLYW Avalanche, mint ~ $70

CLYW prototype Wooly Marmot, 1 of only 3 made, mint condition. 90% chance i wont sell this but just want to see what i could get. ~ $300 will get it off my hands

The ONLY thing i would accept in trade is a royal bison chief or 28s chief. i’m not spending cash though so if youre looking to trade for one of my cheap yoyos and want cash too ill say no, sorry.

thanks for looking guys!

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Seth!!! Miss you man!


Miss you too dude! ill text you

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