FS: Mint OneDrop Code 2, C3 Capless

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Please read the following before sending me a pm  ;D

For Sale Only currently ;D
Ask and Make Offers. Prices are Negotiable! Free-shipping and I use PayPal or venmo.
Ships with a 8 ball centered bearing unless stated otherwise

Mint condition without box OneDrop Code 2 Blue ($60 shipped)
[center][size=11pt]let me know which side effects you want with it


[size=14pt]Good condition without box C3 Capless ($35 shipped)
[center][size=11pt]On the rims there is a set (matching on each half) of pinpricks. There is also a flatspot on each rim that is small enough not to break paint. I tried to picture both of these. On the side that has the logo there are a few scratches. You can see them as the white lines in the picture. Overall I would give it a 6.5 out of 10 for being close to mint.


[size=14pt]More Pictures

I have a bunch of stickers and yoyoexpert cards from 2010 - 2011 mostly. Let me know if you would be interested in me throwing those in. I’m not as much into yoyoing as I once was, and would like someone who can appreciate them to have them. A few of them are signed too.

My personal policy: Person with lower trade count will ship/pay first

pm if you have questions or need more pictures

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I was wondering if you still
had the code 1 for sell and what is the condition on it?

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I normally don’t play the grammar nazi game, but your title actually confused me a little bit.
If you don’t want beat ACs, it should say “except beat ones”.
Right now it reads like you will accept beat ACs, meaning you are willing to take them.

Honestly just trying to be helpful, not nit-picky.

no problem, I am actually looking for beat ones. thanks for pointing that out



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