FS: Magnum. One Drop, CLYW, ILLY, C3, Werrd, YYJoker LF: CLYW and YYR

I’m on a YYR trip right now.  Willing to trade doubles in most cases for some YYR!

General Yo Magnum - Mint except for some wierd bumps on one half of the yoyo that it came with from a previous owner.  Doesn’t effect play at all though.  Looking for $160ish.

General Yo Essence -  Raw.  Has typical raw yoyo marks.  Smooth as can be. $80ish

Turning Point Positron -  Extremely Minty.  Blue colorway.  Nothing much else to say about this awesome yoyo.  $150ish

Split Decision  -  Red with Anti Superstar rims.  Mint.  Thrown for maybe 10 minutes.  $105

Werrd Poo  -  Grimace Poo.  Mint.  $85

YYJoker  Double Joker -  Half Blue, Half Yellow.  Mint.  Comes with a KK bearing. $125

CLYW Peak  -  Gold Nugget, not a fools gold.  Had this up a long time ago and decided not to let it go.  Now it is just sitting in my case not getting enough attention as it deserves.  Small anno flaws where it looks like the anno has worn off.  Offer

CLYW Gnarwhal  -  Hulk Smash colorway.  Mint.  $100

CLYW Gnarwhal  -  Black with pink speckles.  Mint $100

CLYW BVM -  Silver with Brown splash and red speckle.  Mint $110

NQP One Drop 54  -  Half Blue,  Half Orange.  Has anno flaws, but is as smooth as can be.  $80

NQP Code 1  -  Red.  Anno flaws, but smooth and mint otherwise.  $85

One Drop Markmont Next  -  Some dings on one side where it hit the ground.  $80

ILLY Lynx  -  Smooth yoyo, just not my thing.  $110

C3 Halo-  Mint.  Gold hub.  $50

C3 H5  -  Blue Cloud edition.  One ding on the rim from hitting another yoyo in my pocket.  Sanded down so its smooth.  $110

YYF Super G  -  Wavelength edition.  Damage around the bearing seat where I nicked the anno taking the bearing out.  $80



Please offer only things on my wants.  All prices are negotiable so message me and we can try to work something out.

90 for the Peak ?

75 plus a super wide for the peak

wil trade my avalance black rabbit edition for the peak