I HAVE: GenYo Magnum! Petr Kavka Chief! Bassalope, MMN, Cafe Racer, Yeah3++++

That’s right, a General Yo Magnum! Very rare throw, only 48 released! Made from MAGNESIUM and nickel plated! These sold new for $300 if you were lucky enough to get one. YoyoExpert received 3, and they were sold before they ever made it to the website! Amazing throw, super stable and long spinning due to the extreme rim weight that you can only achieve with magnesium! Comes with a wooden display box and the Magnum General Yo Dog tags! I am really only interested in trading this for a TiWalker, but I will also consider an Aurora or Sovereign or cash ($250) and trade offers from my wants list.  A true collectors item, you never see these for sale! ;D

WANTS: The only trades I will consider at this time are:

CLYW Peak- My top priority.
2nd Run Chief or Musket colorway.
GenYo Essence or Hatrick or 5*
ILYY 2WEI or Candyblast Lio
OXY 4 or 5
One Drop Fade Project or Markmont Project
Hspin H2O
Spyy Pistolero II
YYR Messiah

Will trade or pay well for:
Freehand MG
GenYo Magnum
Broken Yoyo’s Plug-in
Other rarities and collectables…

May trade 2-3 throws below for a mint Peak!! (With the exception of the Chief of course)
I have:
Nickel Dietz- Mint in box. Hard to find nickel release. Looks awesome, plays awesome! $100

C3 Yeah3- Mint with box. Really awesome throw. True performance player! $70

One Drop Cafe Racer- Flamethrower colorway, Mint! Perfect pocket throw! $60

One Drop Markmont Next- Has some dings, but plays great! One of the best looking throws ever made in my opinion. Solid performer as well. $55

Crucial SBR Large Bearing “C” Free Hand Zero- Near mint. Best plastic I have ever played, bar none! Really fun and rare. $30

Timcor Starfire- This throw is amazing! So much fun. Super stable and fast. Great for perfecting your tricks. I was really impressed with this one. Has “C” size bearing and silicone response. $55 Sold!

Hspin Gorylla- Mint with box. My favorite throw from Hspin. Horribly underrated. Plays like a larger Hatrick. $40

One Drop M1
- My favorite pocket throw. Pad response. Half purple, half red. About 3 small dings/marks. $40

Empire Sun- Best Delrin I have played! Amazingly smooth. Mint with box. Plays like a Delrin Code 1. Empire quality is very, very good. Not a cheap Chinese knockoff. $50

CLYW Wooly Marmot- (5th Run? Heavier vesion, more stable.) Black purple acid wash.

[s]Rare Made in Canada 1st run CLYW Chief
(silver, Mint in Box)- Something special about the first runs! One of the few machined in Canada! ($200)[/s]Pending…

Petr Kavka 5th run Chief- Most sought after colorway! Looks awesome! MINT IN BOX (200) I will consider trading this for other mint Chief colorways, especially if you throw in an extra throw or .

Small Bearing Bassalope
- Pink, has the bassalope engraving. Bassalopes are very saught after and hard to find! This one has some damage and some vibe. Still a great player! $70

Click the Ebay link below to buy the CLYW listed:






got some pix on that yuuksta?

still got the pink yuuksta? whats the price with it shipped ? 40 bucks right? if the answer is yes ill take it . i have a paypal and cash right now

hey severe for marmot?

its nqp not npq

dude if you’re willing to hold onto the burnside thunderstorm for a few months, i’d be more than happy to buy it from your ebay account. i’ve seen it on ebay, and right now i simply can’t afford another metal, so i need to wait a few months.


not even gonna respond?

Yoyo Im in philly 2. Hit me up thru pm, im going after atleast 1 of them particular badboys =] lemme kno where ur at my man.

not sure if it will make a big deal but i believe the ink pot was the 5th run. i believe from the 4th and 5th, the weights were different

Ill trade you donkey Kong country 2and 3, super Mario allstars ,killer instinct ,and super street fighter two, for super nes
and sonic spinball ,mortal kombat 3, bugs bunny double trouble, pitfall, and robocop vs terminator for sega.
All games tested and work great. And ill pay too ship all these games

Feel free to say no or change the throws in the offer I’m going to propose.

But ill trade u all those antique (rare) games for
Either your nickel dietz.
Or your h spin gorylla and markmont next
Or your yeah 3, and large bearing freehand
or h spin gorylla and empire sun

I would prefer the dietz though