Clyw, yyf,yyj,crucial and one drop yoyos for sale no trades


Looking for only money,
Clyw Gnarwhal- great condition, favorite yoyo, no scratches or dings, still works great, $65
yyf Northstar- great condition, never unsrewed, no dings, works great $25
yyj dark magic- fine condition works great, less than maybe 7 scratches $15 negotiable
yyj aquarius- used alot but still works fine $10
yyf Loop 900- RARE, not to many of these, 1st edition i think, i only have one, name your price
Clyw campfire- works great, some dings and scratches but it doesnt affect play $30
One drop- M1 responce system needs to be changed i think but still works fine a little beat up, $20
Crucial milk- a great yoyo, good shape, plays great $40


For better pictures message me and for more info, sorry im not a photographer


pm’d about the Campfire would really like to hear back

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